SMOOCH is our bicycle powered smoothie machine. We bring SMOOCH to all of our events where you can pedal up a delicious non-dairy CVf Round 3 - 19concoction of fresh fruit, juice and frozen field berries using renewable human power!  MMmmmm!

Smooch with logo


SMOOCH is also available for rent for other special events. We bring SMOOCH to your location, provide all the ingredients and supplies, including setup and an operator. Rates are dependent on how long you want to SMOOCH and with how many people!

Use SMOOCH for fund raising at your next gathering.  In addition to selling drinks at your event, you can leverage SMOOCH power to auction special drinks by enabling  your attendees to bid to have VIP’s, politicians, and celebrities make them a SMOOCH.  Everyone loves to get a SMOOCH, especially from someone special!

Contact us  to discuss availability and rates applicable for your event.  Please include the date, location and number of people you want to SMOOCH with.